About Me


I am a student of Biotechnology. After being in this field for two years, I realized that my actual interests lay somewhere else. So one fine day, I retrieved my paints and brushes (that I hadn’t used in about three years) from where they had been stashed away in my apartment, and sat down to give life to an old empty canvas. And so the journey began…I drew inspiration from a TV show that combined science and spirituality to ultimately begin training to be a spiritual therapist. I still find painting to be one of the best therapeutic methods for me to regain my peace of mind.

Today, I continue with my training while acquainting myself with the pleasure of working with my passions. It’s a never-ending journey of self-discovery, learning to deal with the upheavals of life, and attempting to work on my emotional issues. I hope to keep going to find the light at the end of every tunnel that life throws at me.



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